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Matching Numbers, Albert Blue

*Posted to 911s Registry December 2017










I  was packing the truck. The following morning I was ready to make my 5 hour drive to PA. I have a soft spot for the state as I went to school there years back (Go Owls) I woke up to a winter advisory. Which is typical Great Lakes weather but projected snow of 12-14 inches in a 12 hour period!! "Damn", I I sat for another day looking over the 5 pictures I had, probing for more information. The former owner was very nice and helpful but not a Porsche nut. He bought the car in 98 from the 2nd owner and used it for a few DE's days with the PCA. Around 2004 the car sat dormant only getting the occasional drive around town. Fast forward to my drive; my wife made the trip to look at yet another "Cute car" as she puts it. (I joke, as she is very willing to make these trips whether to hunt cars or race.) It's always nice to have a companion in the car that looks and does most things better than me. (good save, right?)  We arrived without issue in a small town just outside Pittsburgh, you know your getting close when all you see are black and yellow flags on each house! (Steeler fans)

I was happy to step out of the car and into a well lit, dry but very cold garage. More importantly the car was as nice as the pictures! The first thing I noticed was the Andial decal largely plastered on the ducktail. The same thoughts you are having now raced through my mind. I did see in the pictures sent earlier an Andial 10k tach. So I tried to put two and two together. No Andial serial number on the case and the more I looked I didn't see too much Andial related. What I did see was a largely stock and original car hidden under RSR body work with little to no rust. The only rust was on the hood caused by the hood pins!! Why anyone would need pins for a stock hood is beside me? To go along with the matching numbers were S brakes, Koni suspension, original sway bars etc. I was told over the phone that the car had factory "Posi" traction and and short gearing. So I slid under the car to see a 915/02 11 for LSD! I had noticed an odd MFI set up in the pictures so back to the engine bay. I saw what seems to be early stacks painted in Andial gold? From what I've been told this was a common 80's set up to "open" them for more flow, something you could not do with plastic. Lastly I almost forgot to verify all the serial numbers, so I went around and confirmed everything right down to the production number.

I came up with the following and confirmed with Porsche:

Vin 9112301652
Engine 6322405
trans (Not recorded) 915/02 11 7329904
Production 102 7355 I think as it was hard to see behind the knee bar.
Paint 325-9-1 Albert Blue

I also received most of the original books, the car was purchased in Harrisburg PA ,then was sold to Ohio and lastly back to PA. Oddly enough the original owner kept the car in Florida for most of its life but registered in PA.

So plans now are to make it into a period correct Hotrod, install proper bright work trim, mirror etc. Lastly install seats and get rid of some other incorrect details.




                                                                                           Well as some of you know I recently acquired 9112301652 in the foothills of PA. An on-line tipped me to it and I was on my way. I made a call to the owner to chat about the car and get some details before making the trek. I expected to hear about a messy car in need of everything at a too high asking price. What I heard was 3 owner, matching numbers, Andial and RSR. After a few more pictures the deposit was sent.









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