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"Ol' Red" 1971 911s ST -the Race Car

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This 911S S/T 9111300492 has an interesting, checkered and somewhat bizarre history. During the 1970’s it was raced and rallied by an amateur/privateer. Details and history are sparse but being researched daily, but before I can go into that I need to skip ahead 40+years to 2013. This is when I found the car hidden away in a downtown Toronto underground parking garage near the sky dome(Toronto Blue Jays stadium). I would later find out the owner had parked the car there years earlier. After much coaxing I managed to purchase the car from the owner who knew very little on the cars history. He used the car years earlier as a track day car purchased on a whim. At the time I purchased the car, due to its condition and the fact it was a nearly race

ready 911S. After some research I was able to find the Toronto based Porsche garage that restored the car in the late 80’s. When speaking to them they gave many more details on the cars colorful history. To them, at the time, it was an old race car that had “interesting modifications”.  How they got the car was the peculiar part. They said that in the mid 1980’s an unscrupulous gentleman had “borrowed” money from his equally unscrupulous “organized crime employer” to purchase approximately 20-25 Porsches from Europe. My future 911S was part of that group. Once the employer got word of  his “borrowed” money, the original importer was never heard or seen again! This left 20+ cars needing to be sold off as they sat in a local warehouse. The garage I was speaking too was given the task of liquidating the cars. During which they noticed this car and decided to keep it and one other for future projects.


There was good reason to keep this car as they had noticed many modifications and race specific parts. Some of which were ST front and rear fenders, numerous chassis bracing welds and repairs, a drilled out transmission tunnel to lighten the car, and a 911/83 RS engine installed all pointed to a well sorted race car. They did some research and found that the car was raced and rallied during the 1970’s spending time in Germany , Monaco and  Italy where it was purchased and shipped to Canada as part of the 20+ car lot. During restoration they found more evidence that pointed to this, it included well dented floors, numerous small chassis welds, 7 layers of different paint colors, one of which was pink all pointed to the fast life this car had lived. During the last few years I have spent my time modifying the car to period correct race specifications. When I found the car it had a 3.0 liter engine, modern ignition and a few other incorrect details. Since then EuroTune installed a 2.5 Aluminum case short stroke engine, Weber 46 carbs, twin plug distributor, correct suspension upgrades etc. Over the last few seasons the car has competed and been successful at many top events including the Canadian Historic GP , Mt Tremblant Classic, and the Limerock Historics. Where it qualified behind Mr Richard Attwood in the Sebring Ford GT-40 on loan from The Revs institute. I have to say it was honor to share the track with a distinguished driver like Mr Attwood. I am constantly searching for more history on this 911S and have enjoyed the entire process, Thanks for reading and look for this car as well as my Ralph Meaney 1974 Carrera at Rennsport VI this fall.  

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