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    1972-911t, Yellow

Well I have had this car tucked away for sometime. In 2013 I got a call that a friend of a friend who knew a guy; you know, one of those type of calls. 



Rumor had it there was a 72 sitting away in a garage for years. Car stopped running and the owner had no money or real interest in finding out what the issue

After chasing the owner down I made the trip about an hour north of Toronto to take a look. Owner didn't know what engine was in the car, or much about

the car for that matter.He was a younger guy who had bought the car 15 years earlier on a whim. After looking the car over hoping it was some mythical beast it turned out to be a non matching 72 T with a 2.7 CIS. That being said all was not lost as the chassis was near perfect and the car was complete. Sitting there covered in dust with four flats and non running the owner and I agreed on a price and the car was slowly rolled into my trailer. 

Back at my garage I got to looking the car over, Cobwebs removed and washed off the car had potential to be honest the chassis was a solid as any I had seen. After a few hours I realized the issue was a simply a bad ignition switch. A bit of maintenance and it fired up. Listening to that 2.7 rumble was not too exciting as it coughed and sputtered. 

From here racing season started which takes up most of my time. Believe it or not I have a full time job so this car sat in the corner for another year.
Flash forward to early 2015 and my father came to me looking to find a hotrod/outlaw. Well sitting in the corner was the car, he has deeper pockets then I. 
Where the 2.7 was ok for me ,it would not due for a proper build. To be honest the chassis deserves better. 

So late in 2015 I spoke to Dave Margolese at EuroTune as to ideas. I had a thought of building a period correct smaller displacement screamer. I'm all for the 3.0-3.6 builds but it wasn't for this car. After chatting with another local racer he mentioned a complete 2.4 E engine he had on the shelf. Over to his garage I went to find a very complete E with MFI. Perfect, I'll take it!

VIN 9112100449

JE Pistons where ordered with a slight over bore 2.5 10.5/1 comp
Heads were sent out for machine work and twin plug work.
Pauter Rods ordered
S Cam 
and the list goes on...



Now for the suspension, I wanted something track oriented but not too aggressive as to shake my dad's fillings out. This is the ultimate conundrum and being that my father and I are both going to be driving this car it has to be set up a little softer and user friendly. If I really want to pound the hell out of myself I can use one of the race cars. So after speaking with Elephant racing I think/ hope we found a good balance. 

Poly Bronze control arm and spring plate bearings
Turbo tie rods
Front and rear Monoballs

Quick change spring plates (not that I'm going to be doing any real changes) 
23/31 Hollow bars
22 Front Hollow swaybar
WEVO Blue mounts
Bilstein HD's


Car is complete now and as good as anything out there

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